Show Them the Money! (Or at Least the Marketing Performance Report)

In two previous blog posts (Five KPIs to Track and Marketing Accountability from the Lead Up), we laid out an analytic framework for evaluating a company’s marketing performance. In this post, we will discuss how to showcase the fruits of that labor in terms of useful, actionable marketing performance reports.

The ideas presented here are based on Act-On’s own quarterly marketing performance review, with a few changes to make the information more broadly applicable.

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How to Build Marketing Accountability From the Lead Up

In a previous blog post (On the Road to Marketing Accountability: Five KPIs You Should Start Tracking Today), we discussed how to evaluate marketing performance from a macro perspective. In this post we will look at evaluating marketing performance from a micro perspective – specifically, at the lead level.

There are three key variables that ideally should be associated with every new lead:

  • Lead Source
  • Marketing Channel
  • Marketing Campaign

Each of these variables serves a unique purpose, as described below.

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On the Road to Marketing Accountability: Five KPIs You Should Start Tracking Today

Marketing departments take pride in coming up with clever campaign ideas, exciting images, and compelling messages – and rightly so.  However, these matter little to the executive team if the following concern is not addressed: Are our marketing investments bringing enough return?

The first step in addressing this concern, and therefore building up marketing’s credibility, is tracking the right Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) consistently, over time. These KPIs should be monitored, and the results communicated monthly (or at least quarterly) to the executive team.

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Four Trends Elevating Marketing as the Key Business Engine

Many of us who have been in B2B marketing for some time know that marketing has been undervalued or plain neglected in a majority of small and mid-sized companies. As Doug Davidoff of Imagine Business Development points out: “as recently as five years ago, it was not unusual for me to meet with companies that were several hundred million in revenue who had no marketing department or focus whatsoever.”

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